Skin Aging

Today, various methods of stimulation of aging skin are used. These methods are directed at varying biological transformations of the skin’s structure.

As so-called negative stimulation, various invasive procedures are applied: chemical peeling of varying depths, laser resurfacing and dermabrasion. In the use of these methods, the processes of degradation (destruction) of the epidermis and dermis become the trigger for the desired skin changes.

Positive stimulation offers, by contrast, deep skin rehabilitation therapy. This tactic is especially useful for altered skin, which progressively loses its resistance to the effects of free radical and its ability to recover from them. Positive stimulation can be carried out by the intradermal injection of Salvecoll-C® gel.

The use of Salvecoll-C® gel in deep dermis restorative therapy is applicable in the correction of aging skin, and in the preparation and rehabilitation of the skin before and after dermabrasion, peeling, and plastic surgery.

How does Salvecoll-C® work when treating age related changes to the skin?

  • Salvecoll-C® is applied in order to make up for collagen lost as a result of the skin aging.
  • In the area of Salvecoll-C® gel injection, new collagen fibers begin to form and Salvecoll-C® gradually biodegrades.
  • Salvecoll-C® acts as a matrix upon which the body’s own collagen fiber growth is strictly directed, resulting in full skin regeneration.

Salvecoll-C® can be advantageously combined with other techniques, such as peeling, hyaluronic acid and laser technology treatments.

Benefits of Salvecoll-C® treatment

  • Salvecoll-C® has been successfully used to treat both newly emerging and long-standing stretched skin.
  • Salvecoll-C® replenishes lost collagen and restores the normal structure of the skin.
  • The procedure is painless, as the physician applies local anesthetic agents to the skin.