Until recently, one of the most common methods of scar correction was grinding. Grinding removes the superficial layers of the skin and gives the impression that it is level. As a result, scars become a little less obvious. Nevertheless, it is not possible to completely solve such problems with grinding as the structure of tissues at the site of the scarring is not restored to a normal state.

Another way to correct scarring is with surgical excision. Excision is only possible if the width of the scar is relatively small and the wound edges have good mobility. After removal of excess connective scar tissue intradermal cosmetic stitches are superimposed. Under favorable conditions, a thread-like mark (1-3 mm) is left on the surface of the skin after complete healing of postoperative stitches. The width of the new scar depends on the condition of the surrounding skin, the shape of the scar and its location.

One of the key problems of scar excision is that it is not always possible to achieve the desired aesthetic result. At its core, excision is also a trauma to the skin, and in response to the trauma, the skin may once again answer with the formation of a rough scar.

Salvecoll-C® gel provides the opportunity for a fresh look at the complex issue of correcting atrophic scars, and significantly improves the results of treatment. 

How does Salvecoll-C® help in the treatment of scars?

  • Salvecoll-C® is used to fill the lost collagen in scarred skin.
  • After injection, Salvecoll-C® gel mechanically fills the scar and the skin surface is leveled.
  • In the Salvecoll-C® gel injection site new collagen fibers begin to form, filling the defect.
  • The new collagen fibers are strictly directed through the Salvecoll-C® matrix resulting in full tissue forming at scar areas. Subsequently scars become so similar to the surrounding healthy skin that they are virtually unnoticeable.

Salvecoll-C® can be combined advantageously with other techniques, such as peeling and laser technology treatments

Benefits of Salvecoll-C® treatment

  • Salvecoll-C® has been successfully used to treat both “young” and “old” scars.
  • Salvecoll-C® replenishes lost collagen and restores the normal structure of the skin.
  • The procedure is painless, as the physician applies local anesthetic agents to the skin