Post Acne

Currently, there are numerous ways of dealing with post acne atrophic scarring. Those includeRetinoic, Glycolic, and absorbic acids,microdermabrasion, chemical peeling and laser treatments. Those methods result in leveling and destruction of surrounding skin and decrease in the appearance of pitting and shadows. 

How Salvecoll-C® helps in the treatment of post-acne?

Salvecoll-C® is injected into the bottom of the scar. It begins to form a “skin skeleton” at the injection site with the body’s own cells. The bottom of the scar is raised, so that the scar becomes less visible. Moreover, micro-circulation is improved in the injection area, leading to the reduction or complete disappearance of red or bluish skin.



Immediately improves skin quality in the area of the scar.


Can be readily combined with other post-acne procedures (peeling, abrasion).


Different concentrations and dosages are available, depending on the condition of the skin.