Stretch marks gone

Stretch marks (or striae scientifically) are areas of connecting (scar) tissue formed at the site of microscopic discontinuities in collagen and elastin fibers after prolonged stretching of the skin. This happens during active growth and puberty, pregnancy, and during rapid changes in body weight. Scar tissue is devoid of pigment, so striae have a whitish hue. They are particularly noticeable on tanned skin. Striae are often formed on the abdomen, chest and thighs of women, though striae of hormonal origin can also form on facial skin.

How does Salvecoll-C® treat stretch marks

Mechanical filling occurs after intradermal injection into the stretched area, thereby leveling the surface of the skin. New collagen fibers begin to form at the injection site. This leads to the replacement of scar tissue with your own healthy skin. As a result, stretch marks merge with healthy skin, becoming invisible.


At Any Stage

Using Salvecoll® helps in the cases of both fresh and old stretch marks.

Natural Restoration

The disappearance of stretch marks is achieved naturally by the restoration of the normal structure of the skin.


The procedure can be combined with other techniques (such as peeling and laser therapy)


after 5 months with combined treatment