Regeneration Matrix for Laser and Peeling therapy

Our skin consists of two types of collagen. Type I, a 3D- structure of thick fibers, the skins skeleton, and type III, in the form of narrow beams with weak netting.

When the skin is breached, the body tries to quickly close it. However, with age or in the case of a deficiency in collagen protein synthesis, and after negative stimulation (peelings or laser treatment), type III collagen is formed. The introduction of Salvecoll-C® creates a skin matrix and allows new collagen to structurally synthesize in response to an injury, while maintaining proper skin tone.

Salvecoll is recommended for use in the following cases:

Post Acne Scars

When peeling is used for post-acne scars (especially with TCA peeling).

Longer Recovery

In cases when the post peeling recovery period is delayed for some reason.

Problematic Skin Recovery

In the case of a climacteric rehabilitation period, due to reduced skin rehabilitation ability.

Salvecoll-C® before Laser treatment

Today’s cosmetic treatments use different fractional lasers. Their effect depends on the level of skin hydration and its ability to regenerate.

Salvecoll-C® injections promote skin hydration and provide the building blocks for the formation of new collagen in full response to skin changes.


The Procedure

Firstly, introduction of Salvecoll® (7% and /or 15% into the skin) is performed. Repetition is recommended every 2-3 weeks alternating with the peeling procedures or fractional laser treatments.

The treatment course consists of 3-5 procedures. Supporting procedures after 6 months are recommended for prolonged effect.