• Making you look as young as you feel

    Salvecoll-C® brings back the look you deserve, helping your skin naturally regain its tonus, with long lasting results. Your lasting confidence in feeling comfortable, wherever, whenever you are.

  • Quick Results

    The high purity unreconstructed collagen fibers in Salvecoll-C® are closest to the ones found in your skin. Upon injection, they activate the production of new collagen, helping you see the results you expect, already from the first treatment.

  • Smiling all around

    Salvecoll-C® can be used to treat stretch marks, make scars disappear, restore skin post acne, and eliminate wrinkles on the face and body. It is not just a filler, it is the key to restoring back healthy fresh looking skin.

  • The necessity of Collagen

    With time, our skin requires starts the aging process. This animation explains why we need to Collagen to make our skin look fresh and young. 

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  • Age related changes

    Salvecoll-C® helps to effectively refresh and recreate your own collagen.

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  • Post acne away

    Post acne scars permanently disappear after treatment with Salvecoll-C®.

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  • Scar smoothing

    All types of scars can be corrected with Salvecoll-C®

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  • Stretch marks gone 

    Stretched skin is leveled with the help of the collagen fibers in Salvecoll-C®.

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  • See the results yourself

    Browse our before-after gallery for a closer look at how Salvecoll-C® helps giving the skin a fresh, healthier look.

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